Cold Asphalt Pothole and Driveway Repair

What is Go Green Cold asphalt? It is Polymer-modified cold mix asphalt which is environmentally friendly and a permanent pot hole repair solution . Although it goes hard quickly after application, it’s soft and pliable right out of the bag.  The final result is a repaired area with little or no wastage and offers superior strength with similar characteristics to hot asphalt.

Asphalt driveway repairs advantages and features

  • Works great regardless of weather conditions (all seasons and in even in water)
  • Cost effective with little or no mess cleaning or wasted product
  • A Permanent solution for pothole repairs and allows traffic to flow immediately
  • No mechanical compacting 0r mixing necessary
  • Approved, used and tested by numerous Australian government authorities.
  • Permanently adheres to asphalt, concrete and steel.
  • Ideal for bridges, utility cuts and cutter work, drains etc.
  • 100% environmentally friendly
  • Available in tonne bags – 20kg buckets or 20kg Bags
  • Colors options available

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Cold Asphalt Airport Runway Patch Shanghai Pudong International Airport has one of the busiest runways in China. Runway one receives over 500 incoming flights a day. Including preparation the entire repair work starts in the midnight. In approximately 20 minutes by three men, the entire repair work was completed. Upon completion the patch was immediately […]

Cold Mix Asphalt Paving Specifications

The type of cold mix asphalt needed will vary based upon climate.Cold mix asphalt is used as a road patch and crack filling material. It offers advantages over hot mix asphalt because it does not require expensive rollers and tampers and can be used year round. Some products are better than others for hot or […]

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