Go Green Cold Asphalt

Go Green is a very effective product that is well known for its excellent qualities but is also environmentally friendly.

Cold Asphalt has various salient features to add to its profile.  All these sum up to make it the best pothole and driveway repair solution on the market. It repairs several things including potholes and cracks on roads, bridges, parking lots, driveways and any other worn or damaged asphalt and concrete surface.

Why Cold Asphalt is used so widely?

*  The reasons behind its wide use are:

*  Permanent repairs

*  Little or no mess or waste

*  Easy to use 20kg bags or buckets and several particle sizes available. One tonne bags available as well

*  Strong and durable product

*  Works in all weather conditions (dry or wet areas)

It works effectively with water. The water is displaced from the pothole and eventually all liquid is drawn from the pothole during compaction. This  permanent road repair, pothole repair or driveway repair solution works equally as effective in wet and dry areas providing a smooth and beautiful pavement repair.

The product is ready to use immediately with no mixing required.  You simply need open the bag or bucket pour into the hole or crack and  Go Green Cold Asphalt does all the bonding work for you. This permanent pothole repair solution can support all loads regardless of conditions on the road.

One of the major concern people face during road repairs is traffic holdups and safety of road repairers. Go Green Cold Asphalt overcomes this issue as it is available in 20kg bags and buckets and once applied to the repair area it can  be exposed to traffic immediately. It is available in various particle sizes and eliminates the need for large teams of people to complete road repairs.

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