Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Go Green’s customers

First of all thank you very much for ordering Cold Asphalt for Pothole and Driveway Repair. Cold Asphalt and team believe that our all customers will find pothole and driveway repair easier by using Cold Asphalt Repair Solution. Cold Asphalt is a permanent solution for pothole and driveway repair needs. Cold Asphalt promises to provide excellent service in a variety of different conditions to meet requirements of customers.

Feel free to contact us for any or more detailed technical information. You can email us or directly you can contact us by our contact details.

Here is a list below of helpful suggestions and answers to questions frequently asked related to product Cold Asphalt Repair Solution and its use.

How much GO GREENĀ® do I need to repair the pavement?

Simply enter the dimensions of the area in our calculator to determine the amount of cold asphalt required.

Should I cover the patched area while it cures?

No, you do not need to cover the patched area. Asphalt repair solution is ready to expose to traffic immediately after following compaction. In fact covering the patch delays the curing process and do not provide benefit to your repair.

What are the advantages and key features of Cold Asphalt Repair Solution?

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