Installation Guide

Our Installation guide let you understand the right and systematic procedure about how to apply repair solution for repairing of pothole, road reinstatements, driveway and overlays. There are three steps to install Cold Asphalt.

  • Clean
  • Pour
  • Tamp

Let’s understand the three steps in detail.

First step is to clean the base of the pothole of any loose debris. You can simply clean pothole by sweeping or raking. Large loose rocks present in potholes create problems in repairing.

Second step is to pour or fill the pothole with Cold Asphalt. 25mm – 50mm is the recommended compacted depth. If in case area is deeper than 50mm, compact in layers. Remember, do not compact deeper than 50mm per layer.

Third step is to tamp. Sooner solidity depends on better initial compaction. And the best form of asphalt compaction is a vibrating plate compactor. At the time of installation Pothole repair, road reinstatements, asphalt overlays and driveway repairs should receive additional compaction for best results and sooner solidity.

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